There are many applications for SWIFT Rails. There may be some that we haven’t thought of yet, but here are some:


Small Cities

Small cities typically cannot afford transit, so as they grow, they begin to experience terrible congestion. This is not usually a great progression as there are lots of problems along this path. SWIFT Rails dramatically lower costs allow small cities to plan transit much earlier with better outcomes.


Connecting in Big Cities

Big cities with transit have already made large investments and have questions of whether it makes sense to connect particular regions. SWIFT Rails allows quick and simple connections to big city main line transit. With quick construction and low costs, SWIFT Rails can help big cities leverage their existing infrastructure.


Large Campuses

If you are a large organization with people scattered over a large campus or several campuses, how great would it be to have all your people simply connected point to point. SWIFT Rails can get you there and can be designed help your people get to work.


Tourist Destinations

Every tourist destination always says that the tourists are the worst drivers, because they are looking around and don’t know where they are going. The tourists would rather be looking around than driving. SWIFT Rails makes a great way to move tourists around and to establish a system for local use. Connect to your airport, hotels, and great destinations. SWIFT Rails can often go places that roads cannot which may lead to unique experiences.


Leap Frog

If you have a new city, a developing country, an island paradise, or some other region that does not have transportation currently, you can skip some of the steps and leap frog ahead by going directly to SWIFT Rails.

Now you can invest and own a part of Swift Rails!

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