What is SWIFT Rails?

SWIFT Rails is a new type of transportation that has been designed from the ground up as a better way to travel. It shares many similarities to transit and some to an autonomous car. We hope that we have incorporated the best of both. If you haven’t done so already, please check out our video for a one-minute look at what SWIFT Rails can do.

The Fastest Way To Get Places

Getting between places is fast with SWIFT Rails. Call a SWIFT Rails vehicle via app and it will be ready to go when you are. Riding over congestion below, there are no stop signs or red lights to slow you down. Unlike conventional transit that slows down and stops at every stop and requires connection to other lines, SWIFT Rails takes you from your origin and switches you directly to your destination – always express with no stops in between. Typically, SWIFT Rails is going to be 4-6 times faster than conventional transit. In very congested areas, SWIFT Rails can be 1.5 to many more times times faster than driving your car.

Travel in Comfort

Ride in your own individual one-person pod, or with friends and family in 2-4 rider vehicles. SWIFT Rails trips are comfortable, have plenty of personal space and trips are fast and predictable. Use the time for yourself – Talk on your phone or to each other in privacy, text without endangering others, read, catch up on work, or just relax…you’re free to use the time as you wish while we take care of getting you there. Recline in a first-class seat in a climate-controlled environment. There will be an interactive screen with map, area information, games, and music available on your ride.

Ultra-Energy Efficient

Transportation currently uses a lot of energy – too much energy. SWIFT Rails is changing that. Our vehicles have low weight, low rolling resistance and great aerodynamics – all the things needed to make an ultra-efficient vehicle. We are 20 times more efficient than an average automobile. SWIFT Rails vehicles get over 500 miles per gallon equivalent (energy equivalent – vehicles run on electric batteries and have no emissions)

Safety Built In

Safety is a key advantage of SWIFT Rails. We aim to build the safest transportation on the planet. Each SWIFT Rails vehicle is locked onto the track with 12 wheels, so it can’t come off and hit something. The tracks are one way only, so there will never be head on collisions. The track is elevated and goes above cars, trucks, trains, bicyclists, pedestrians, deer, and possibly other things that you will never hit. We monitor all the vehicles and track so that we can proactively repair any mechanical issues. The system knows where every vehicle is at every moment allowing us to slow down or stop vehicles ahead of any collision. We model SWIFT Rails to be at least 100 times safer than automobile travel.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us!