World Changing Impact

World Changing Impact
by rethinking transportation

By 2040 we estimate annual benefits to include:

2.4 billion tons of carbon reduction

10 million traffic injuries avoided

Executive Summary
By 2040 there will be an estimated 2 billion cars and 9 billion people worldwide with over 60% of the population living in urban areas. As the global population and number of automobiles increases and shifts to urban areas, the problems of traffic congestion, air pollution, road deaths and injuries and traffic related productivity losses will worsen. Building more roads will not solve this problem.  Swift Rails will.

Swift Rails is a highly impactful and disruptive transportation solution that addresses the growing worldwide challenges of traffic congestion, traffic casualties, deteriorating air quality and loss in productivity by elevating people above the traffic using ultra-light rail. 
Swift Rails provides people with an on-demand, private, convenient and comfortable transportation solution that is 5 times faster and about 40 times cheaper than conventional mass transit, 100 times safer than cars and pollution free. 

Swift Rails’ light footprint, rapid construction, low cost and ergonomic design presents an economically superior solution to connect urban areas with an ultra-light rail capillary network that feeds transit arterials and frees up green space to create more livable, pedestrian friendly urban areas.

Swift Rails has extraordinarily compelling advantages that we believe will enable it to mode shift 25%1 of people from their cars to Swift Rails within 2 decades.

By achieving large scale usage, Swift Rails will have a hugely beneficial impact on worker productivity, the economy, health and the environment by changing the way we get to and from work and other destinations, the quality of the air that we breathe and the livability of our cities.

Swift Rails’ benefits are estimated to be:
·        Reducing 2.4 gigatons of annual carbon emissions by 20402
·        Avoiding 10 million4 traffic related injuries including 380,000 deaths3 annually by 2040
·        Saving hundreds of billions of dollars in medical expenses and work loss costs annually
·        Preventing hundreds of millions of animal deaths yearly
·        Conserving billions of gallons of gasoline yearly
·        Enabling people to spend their time more productively instead of driving and in traffic jams
·        Providing personal convenience and time savings – the key driver for quick, large scale adoption